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The Bluebonnet Cup April 1




Grace Mudra with a breakaway down the Red Oak Lawn side boards


unnamed180Mark Prinsloo driving a pass down the field



Winning team: CW Petroleum/ Prinsloo Brain Lab

James Clark, Chris Williams, Mark Prinsloo, and Sarah Prinsloo
pictured with Susan Plank of The Plank Companies


Sunday’s featured match was a robust round robin played by the 2018 Spring Cup teams: CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab, EEW Steel Trading LLC, and Rover’s Romphouse. The match began with CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab taking on Rover’s Romphouse for the first two chukkers. Sarah Prinsloo opened the match with a quick goal followed up by another goal by her husband, Mark Prinsloo, for CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab. Chad Bowman countered with a striking goal for Rover’s Romphouse. The first chukker ended with another goal from M. Prinsloo for CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab. In the second, CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab held Rover’s Romphouse to a scoreless second chukker and added a third goal for M. Prinsloo to end with the score 4 to 1. In the second set of chukkers, CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab faced off against EEW Steel Trading LLC. Kendall Plank was the first to score for EEW Steel Trading LLC followed by M. Prinsloo putting in two back to back goals for CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab. Billy Mudra ended the chukker with a penalty conversion in favor of EEW Steel Trading LLC. The score was 2-2 heading into the fourth chukker (their second chukker) and again CW Petroleum/Prinsloo Brain Lab held the opposing team to a scoreless chukker, M. Prinsloo and S. Prinsloo added 2 more points to the board for their team to end with the score of 4-2.

Halftime on our Opening Sunday was filled with kiddos collecting Easter Eggs and stomping divots on the field while parents indulged in complementary champagne and car showings from our local sponsor Land Rover Houston Central. Best Sunday Hat and Best Sunday Whites were awarded to three lucky Sunday spectators. The last set of chukkers began with EEW Steel Trading LLC challenging Rover’s Romphouse to decide the final point totals. Plank scored first for EEW Steel Trading LLC and then again to follow up Bowman’s goal for Rover’s Romphouse ending the fifth a close 2-1. Father and daughter duo Billy and Grace Mudra scored a goal a piece for EEW Steel Trading LLC in the final chukker to close out the match with the score of 4 to 1.