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Live streaming polo


ThePoloNOW Summer Tour 2014


PoloNOW,the leading source in polo broadcasting will be making an historic
cross-countrytour of America's most prestigious polo clubs.


The journey will include both arenaand outdoor polo tournaments at all levels of polo in an effort to open up thisexciting game to potential fans and players from every state in the country.


PoloNOWwill be providing live stream coverage from each of the designated locations,exploring the players, horses and clubs themselves.


It is hoped thatthis in depth look as some of the many polo clubs in the country will show thegeneral public how accessible the game is for spectators either in person orvia the Internet. .


Toutedas a pioneer in the polo community for its innovative approach to the coverageof the game, PoloNOW continues to make history for it's groundbreaking HDcoverage, and remains as the first and only source for instant replay as wellas Team Revue.


Thetour is slated to kick off on July 4th at the Aspen Valley Polo Clubin Aspen, Colorado before heading to New York for coverage of the Arena Open,July 11-12.


Itis hoped that a number of representative polo clubs in the country will signfor the tour, giving them the opportunity to share their unique tournaments andprograms with a worldwide polo community.


PoloNOWis the go to source for polo broadcasting, saidMike Ferrera, co-founder and executive producer of the fledgling company.


PoloNOW offers abroadcasting vehicle for the sport, an opportunity to get the message out thatthe sport is exciting, accessible and appears in clubs all over the country, added the seasonedbroadcast veteran.


Basedin Wellington, Florida, PoloNOW has worked had-in-hand with the United StatesPolo Association, has broadcast agreements with the United States PoloAssociation and continues to make cutting edge technological advances in themanner in which the sport is covered.


ThePoloNOW Summer Tour offers clubs across the country the opportunity tolivestream games, matches and tournaments in a manner and fashion never beforerealized in the polo community, with professionals who view the televisedcoverage of the game of polo as their primary objective.


Inquiriesfor inclusion in the PoloNOW Summer Tour should be made to Michael Ferreira at561-410-0217 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.