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Opening Day at Boston Polo features win over Newport, Derby party

2018-05-11 1653
  Members & Friends fill the Barn to watch the Kentucky Derby at the Season Opener of Boston Polo in Georgetown

Boston took the lead quickly with Tashjian scoring first and then again. In the final two chuckers, Newport came back in force and almost took the lead, but ultimately lost 12-9 to Boston.

“I was really happy that we were able to beat them, as they are a great team. Last year, we only beat them by one goal. They have been our opening game for the past two years, so it’s always great to come out strong with a win like that,” said Tashjian.

There were times when the dust was so thick that fans had no idea which team was which or where the ball was. Still, they cheered on. At the end of each chucker the players dismounted and changed their pony to a fresh, rested one.

The ponies came off the arena sweating and in need of a rest before getting back out there. Tashjian also switches players from game to game.

“We switch around. We have a team of about six players. Out of that six we will pick who has the best abilities for that game,” said Tashjian.

“It was a very close competitive game, which is what you want,” said Tashjian.

Near the end of the final chucker it was 6:30 p.m. and fans made their way into the barn, dodging barn swallows, to watch the Kentucky Derby on a projection screen attached to a laptop.

Children and parents, in hats and Sunday best, cheered, jumped and yelled for their favorites horses to win. “My Boy Jack,” shouted a father to his son. The son replied, “No! Justify!”


It was an intense few moments as the horses ran for their prize, all along with the final moments of Boston Polo’s first match taking place.

Fans left the barn happy, some a little tipsy, and many excited to return to see Boston Polo play again.

“All the people I talked to thought it was a great event, they were very happy,” said Tashjian.

Their next match will be against Harvard on May 12

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