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Inside Polo with Ron Allen


By Ron Allen


Last year was the first time in 25 years that a Chapaleufu team was not in competition in the Triple Crown. This year they are back and ready to show the world the real value of experience. The names Heguy and Chapaleufu have a long history of unparalleled success in Argentine polo. As a 40-goal team during the 1990s brothers Marcos, Bautista, Horacio and Gonzalo Heguy were almost unstoppable unless they ran into their cousins: Eduardo, Pepe and Nachi Heguy. The four brothers took the title four times during the 90s and their cousins are also four time winners. And in 2004 the two Chapaleufu teams battled for the last time in the finals of the Alberito with Chapa II winning 15 to 11.


A young Indios Chapaleufu One in 1992

This year’s squad is a combination of brothers Pepe Heguy, Eduardo Heguy and cousin Bautista along with Francisco Elizalde (Eduardo Heguy is his Godfather). The total age for this group of veteran players is 160 years, playing with a 30-goal handicap. The new Chapa team will not only be the oldest foursome in the field of eight teams they will also be one of the lowest rated.


2013 senior edition of Chapaleufu

Will their recent success in the Jockey Club finals continue at Hurlingham and Palermo? Another set of successful brothers, the Pieres, may have something to say about that. Regardless, the Chapaleufu legend lives on, much to the satisfaction of their thousands of fans and followers.